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Experienced divorce consultant and founder of The Divorce Planner.

Veteran film and television producer Alex Beattie took her own divorce experience and turned it into a service that helps other's navigate marital separation and divorce with financial clarity and confidence.

Featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, Parents, and heard on The Divorce And Beyond Podcast.

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Alex l The Divorce Planner

During my own divorce journey, two things became abundantly clear: separating the emotional side of divorce from the business side was critical, and being organized is your ultimate secret weapon. Not only did doing both save me precious time and unnecessary expenses, it allowed me to stay focused on my divorce goals and become my own best advocate. This realization fueled my passion for helping others going through the same experience.

To fill the gap I saw in the marketplace, I took the initiative to develop a set of user-friendly digital tools, collaborating with financial advisors, esteemed divorce attorneys, and mediators. These experts have endorsed the effectiveness of these resources, ensuring you have the support and information you need throughout your divorce journey.

For those who want a more personalized experience, I also offer one-on-one coaching and consultations to provide you with a customized detailed game plan tailored specifically to your needs.

I understand first hand how limited your funds are during a divorce, that's why I've packed my social media and online blog with lot's of free divorce prep tips, things you should be taking into consideration as you move forward, divorce FAQ's answered by divorce professionals, and more.

My ultimate goal is to empower and support you throughout this journey, no matter what your budget.


So with that, welcome to The Divorce Planner community.

Alex l The Divorce Planner

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