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About Me


Experienced Divorce Consultant and Founder of The Divorce Planner.

Veteran film and television producer Alex Beattie took her own divorce experience and turned it into a service that helps others navigate marital separation and divorce with financial clarity and confidence.

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Alex l The Divorce Planner


Divorce prep coach Alex Beattie turned her real-life experience into a platform that has helped thousands of people navigate one of their most difficult life events – separation and divorce.


Rooted in Alex’s own empathetic understanding of the emotional and financial toll that divorce takes on people, The Divorce Planner is a comprehensive prep resource for anyone facing a separation or divorce. 

Having experienced a stark lack of accessible information on how to easily prepare for the average person facing separation and divorce, Alex developed a program that makes financial planning, organizing assets and documents, and pinpointing your goals easy and affordable for the masses.


Her work has been embraced by top experts in divorce law, mediation, co-parenting, financial planning, forensic accounting, and mental health. The result is well-informed guidance that is low-cost or free, and endorsed by highly-respected professionals across industries.

Through her own divorce experience, Alex learned that the two most important factors in an efficient divorce is having a plan and remaining focused during a time of major uncertainty.

“We all know that planning is the key to saving time, energy and money. The decisions you make during divorce have a lasting affect on your future. When you're prepared from the start, and stay focused on your goals, you become your own best advocate and are able to create the life you want after divorce.“

Alex lives in Los Angeles with her two kids and a ridiculously large cat named Charlie. She’s been featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, Parents, and heard on The Divorce And Beyond Podcast.

How The Divorce Planner Can Help You

The "Ultimate Separation & Divorce Prep Course" combines everything our Ultimate Divorce Prep Bundle and one-on-one coaching offer in an online program that helps you prepare emotionally and financially for a marital separation or divorce.

Work 1-1 on with Divorce
Prep Coach Alex Beattie.
Go from "I don't know?" to "I've got this!" with a detailed game plan that gives you clarity about your next steps, an accurate financial picture, a clear understanding of your divorce priorities, and
feeling empowered about what's next.

The Divorce Planner's

easy-to-use digital tools

walk you through how to assess your financial realities and plan for changes, organize all your important statements and docs you'll need, log your assets, and help you identify your

divorce goals and priorities.

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