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Divorce Planner | Divorce Preparation & Financial Planning
The Divorce Planner LogoDivorce is hard. Planning for one doesn't have to be.
Alex Beattie | Divorce Planner | Divorce Preparation & Financial Planning

When you realize a separation or divorce is in your future the BIG question is "What do I do now?".

I've helped thousands of people plan in advance of divorce so they save time and money and have peace of mind throughout the process.

I've created a one-stop shop to help you prepare for divorce, no matter what your budget!

Coaching With Alex Beattie + Digital Products

Go from "I don't know?" to "I've got this!" with a detailed game plan that gives you clarity about your next steps, an accurate financial picture, a clear understanding of what YOUR divorce priorities are, and feel empowered about what's next.

The Divorce Planner's easy-to-use digital tools walk you through how to assess your financial realities, and what you'll need to gather and help you build resilience.




Reasons You Should Prepare In Advance Of Divorce


Prepare Emotionally & Financially

Separating the emotional side of divorce from the business side is critical so you make smart decisions during divorce


You'll Save
Time & Money

Organizing your documents & assessing your finances BEFORE divorce cuts down on billable hours from divorce attorneys and mediators


Create The Life
You Want After Divorce

Identifying your divorce priorities

helps you focus on what's

important so you create

your best next chapter


Divorce Planner | Divorce Preparation & Financial Planning

Free Divorce Prep & Planning Tips

It is my mission to make divorce prep and planning as EASY as possible for people at every budget. Life is hard enough as it is, and when you throw a big life challenge like a separation or divorce on top of an already demanding schedule it can make you feel like you're losing your mind.


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24 Questions To Ask A Divorce Attorney or Mediator


The divorce planning bundle was not only helpful but essential in getting my financial situation organized. It really provided guidance during such an overwhelming time and made me feel empowered to gain some control over my situation."

- Jennifer


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