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How To Create Your Best Parenting Plan: Interview with Coach Samantha Boss

Figuring out the best divorce parenting plan is a really daunting task, and a lot of people don't know where to start researching plans that will work best for their family. (Not to mention all the emotional triggers this subject brings up!)

I had a great 25 minute conversation with parenting plan coach and divorce mediator Samantha Boss (@the_samantha_boss on IG ) that's filled with so much useful information and meaningful action items to help you figure out how to build a parenting plan that works best for you and your family.

Samantha shared so many great insights including:

• How getting as detailed as possible and anticipating changes in the future, and incorporating those into your plan, will serve you in the long term

• Why thinking through what your priorities are for a parenting plan in advance of meeting with attorneys put you in a better position to pick someone who is the right fit for you

• Why educating yourself early in the process is empowering and how it will save you time and money down the road

• Focus on what works best for your family, and don't be influenced by outside ideas of how your parenting plan or relationship with your coparent should look

• Understand the difference between coparenting and parallel parenting

• And more!

Watch or listen to our conversation HERE.

Are you tarting down the path toward divorce and not sure what your next step should be?

Schedule a consultation with me! During our session we'll walk through where you are in the process, what our focus will be on your prep plan, and assess if working together is the right choice for you.

Divorce is hard. The Divorce Planner makes preparing for one easier.


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