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Take Control Of Your Divorce: Prep & Financial Planning With Alex Beattie

The Crazy Ex-Wives Club podcast series, Season 2 Episode 3 features a conversation with Alex Beattie, divorce prep coach known for helping thousands of people successfully prepare for a marital separation or divorce.

The episode is dedicated to empowering divorcees to take control over their future and prioritize their well-being before, during and after divorce.

In this episode, host Erica Bennet welcomes Alex Beattie as the special guest. Alex transformed her personal divorce experiences and expertise in divorce preparation into a beacon of guidance, offering realistic advice, easy-to-use digital tools, and strategies to tackle the complex divorce process so that consumers save time and money during divorce, and make smart choices during negotiations so they build the future they want after a split.

The conversation between Erica and Alex delves deep into the emotional impact of divorce on women, discussing issues surrounding self-worth, parenting roles, and a path towards healing. They explore techniques to manage overwhelming emotions and channel them into personal growth, signifying the importance of emotional resilience during divorce.

A cornerstone of the episode is a discussion around practical advice on navigating divorce negotiations, financial considerations, and organizing essential paperwork. Alex emphasizes the necessity to understand one's finances before entering any negotiations and the importance of preparing one's assets and essential paperwork well in advance.

Indeed, one of Alex's main missions through her venture, The Divorce Planner, is to help people organize their divorce process proactively, separating the emotional side from the business side, as she identifies divorce as a business dissolution. Alex insists that no one will care about the details of your life the way you will.

Talking about splitting assets, both guests stress the triviality of becoming entangled in arguments over replaceable material goods. They encourage listeners to focus on aspects within their control, advocating a proactive approach over a reactive one.

Featured in publications including The New York Times and Parents Magazine, Alex Beattie offers many tools to help people prepare for a separation or divorce, including: one-on-one coaching, an online course, digital products, and free divorce prep resources through The Divorce Planner. She echoes in the episode the effectiveness of setting early priorities and making informed choices, consequently saving time and money.

Towards the end, the episode holds an illuminating discussion about managing emotional upheavals during divorce. They stress doing away with shame and addressing emotions while preparing finances and getting legal documents in order. Alex shares the significance of having emotional support through therapy, support groups, or peaceful activities such as being close to nature.

Alex and Erica call on listeners to reflect on their assets' importance in their lives before making any hasty decisions in the emotive tit-for-tat scenario that many divorces devolve into.

The episode is an eye-opening exploration into the world of managing a divorce, threadbare with practical strategies and poignant discussions on coming out emotionally stronger on the other side. This episode provide a financial and emotional roadmap for your divorce journey and offers precious insights into coping with this significant life change.

The Divorce Planner's Mission: Divorce Prep Made Easy

The Divorce Planner's Ultimate Separation And Divorce Prep Bundle and Separation And Divorce Prep Course have helped thousands prepare in advance of a separation and divorce so they save time and money, make smart choices, and move forward with clarity and confidence. The digital worksheets and course (products included!) walk you through exactly what documents and statements to gather, itemize your assets and their value with ease, and the spreadsheets make figuring out your financial realities to snap. Best of all, you'll pinpoint your divorce goals and priorities so you stay focused on building your best next chapter.

Once you complete the course and bundle you'll have a everything necessary to hand over to a divorce attorney or mediator so they can get right to work. (It's all of the administrative stuff they require!) HOW EASY IS THAT?!


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