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Interview With Divorce Mediator Susan Guthrie

What divorce process you choose can have a BIG impact on the cost & length of your divorce.

If you're considering mediation, below is a 20 minute conversation with top mediator, and host of The Divorce & Beyond Podcast, Susan Guthrie. It's packed with valuable information. (The video is choppy so you might want to listen. Audio is clear.)

Susan shared so many important tips about mediation including: • What the mediation process entails • How to save time and money during mediation • What to expect going into mediation • Mistakes to avoid during mediation • And more!

You can watch or listen to the entire interview HERE. Whether you're meeting with a lawyer or mediators the goal is the same, find someone who reflects your values and presents themselves in a way that makes you feel comfortable being in the trenches with them. Not unlike dating, you're trying to get a feel of who is going to be a good fit for you.

Not sure how to prepare for consultations with family law attorneys or mediators? Get The Divorce Planner's FREE guide 24 Questions To Ask A Divorce Attorney Or Mediator!


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