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Tips From A Divorce Attorney: What You Need To Know Before You File

Divorce prep coach Alex Beattie chatted with special guest family law attorney Sharie Reyes Albers of Virginia Family Law Center for a candid discussion on navigating divorce successfully.

From insider legal insights to practical preparation tips to mistakes to avoid, this conversation has a wealth of valuable takeaways for anyone at any point in their separation or divorce journey.

This 20 minute conversation is a great way to gather important information about the divorce process, and is packed with tips and tools to help you set yourself up for a successful split. You'll hear:

✅ Insider Legal Info: Shari shared key insights into the legal process, offering insider information you need to know, mistakes to avoid, how to successfully negotiate with a high conflict spouse, and more!

✅ Preparation Strategies & Financial Planning: Alex provided practical tips on emotional and financial preparation for divorce.

Want to prepare but feeling overwhelmed and need help? We've got you!

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