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Alex Beattie on the Divorce & Beyond Podcast: Focusing On Your Future Is Important During Divorce


This week on The Divorce & Beyond Podcast, host Susan Guthrie, Esq. welcomes back returning guest Alex Beattie. Alex shares her secret sauce for a successful divorce and an even more successful BEYOND!

Alex Beattie returns to the show to talk about divorce and why you should focus on your future during divorce rather than constantly examining everything that happened in the past. Focusing on your future during divorce is important and gives you a North star to navigate toward during your divorce.

She also shares an insightful exercise that will help you set intentions as you go through the divorce process. This episode and her exercise will empower you to plan for your beyond.

After navigating her own split, Alex Beattie co-created the Divide & Thrive Divorce Organizer to give people a low-cost way to take control of the divorce process and guide them during a time of uncertainty.

Today, Alex is a divorce prep coach and founder of The Divorce Planner, co-creator of Your Divorce Team where she helps people plan in advance of divorce so they save time and money and have peace of mind throughout the process.

Alex has been featured in The New York Times (also here), Real Simple, Parents Magazine.

Topics and Golden Nuggets include:

  • Being proactive is always the best position to be in

  • Rewriting your history can be very empowering

  • Prioritize what feels good to you and planning practically how you will get there helps to make the journey easier

  • And more


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