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Divorce: How To Deal With Feelings Of Grief And Shame

There are so many BIG feelings you have to navigate when going through a separation or divorce. Grief, shame, fear, and insecurity just to name a few. This insightful 25 minute Q&A with relationship coach Kim Polinder (@kp_counseling on IG) about how to navigate overwhelming feelings a separation or divorce bring up. Feeling Grief And Shame About Divorce Kim shared SO many great tips and resources, including:

  • How to navigate the grieving process

  • Addressing emotional triggers

  • Recognizing set patterns of behavior

  • The complicated dynamics between parents when kids are a part of the divorce process

And more!

The Divorce Planner's Alex Beattie and relationship coach Kim Polinder share tips to help you address feelings of grief and shame during and after divorce.
Navigating Grief & Shame During Divorce Tips & Tools From Relationship Coach Kim Polinder


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