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5 Things You Should Never Do When You're Getting Divorced

The thing about getting thrown a big challenge like a divorce is that the rest of what you're juggling doesn't just stop. The emotional reverberations of a divorce are big enough as it is, when you add on all the practical stuff you have to do it feels like you can't catch a break.

I totally get it -- your life is busy, and sometimes you just don't have the time or patience to read through a long post about divorce.

So to that, here's a short and sweet list of the 5 things you should NEVER do during divorce:

Drumroll please...

  1. Leave the details of your life up to someone else to get access to. You are always your best advocate.

  2. Negotiate anything to do with money without understanding your budget realities. Present and future!

  3. Make decisions based on emotions. Divorce is equal parts emotional and business -- separate the two.

  4. Talk to your attorney like they're your therapist. Unless you want those extra attorney hours added to your bill, go get a therapist.

  5. Talk shit about your soon-to-be EX to your kids. Children don't have a say in divorce. Never badmouth your EX to your kids. Grown-up things are for grown-ups, not kids.

Having these simple ground rules to guide you during divorce will keep you on track, and hopefully alleviate needless drama!

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