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Want To Keep The Family Home After Divorce? Tips From A CDRE

What to do with the family home is a BIG emotional trigger during divorce. Can I keep my home? Do I have to sell? What if I need to get money out of it?

Alex, A.K.A. The Divorce Planner, spoke with CDRE expert Selina St. Clair all about how to prepare in advance when considering keeping the family home, how to avoid making financial mistakes, and more.

Some of the incredibly helpful information Selina shared includes: Want To Keep The Family Home After Divorce

  • How CDRE 's work with divorce attorneys, mediators and directly with a couple divorcing Want To Keep The Family Home After Divorce

  • Why understanding your financial realities and having access to all of your real estate documents is critical in order to make smart decisions about the family home. (Not sure how to prepare? Book a divorce prep coaching consultation with me! During our session we'll walk through where you are in the process, what our focus will be on your prep plan, and assess if working together is the right choice for you.)

  • How CDRE's work with mortgage specialists in order help you puzzle out creative financing options.

  • And MORE

You can watch or listen to the entire conversation below!

Understanding your financial realities is so important when you're trying to decide if you can afford to keep the family home after divorce.

Crunching the numbers of your life does not have to be scary, in fact it's absolutely empowering! Check out The Divorce Planner's Monthly Budget Calculator! Vetted by certified financial planners, the easy-to-use spreadsheet walks you through what expenses to add in and does all the math for you. Best of all, it's completely customizable. Not only will it serve you during divorce, you'll have it for the rest of your life.

Divorce is hard. With The Divorce Planner, preparing for one doesn't have to be.


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