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Building Inner Strength and Resilience During Divorce: Insights & Tips To Empower

One of my favorite parts of The Divorce Planner's platform is the ongoing interview series I have with a myriad of divorce professionals. From divorce attorneys to mediators, to financial planners to therapist and more, bringing you valuable insights and tips that make your divorce journey easier is my mission.

The bedrock of The Divorce Planner's coaching philosophy is that there is an emotional side to divorce and a business side, and that they need to be separated and addressed individually.

I recently had a discussion with renowned empowerment and "rightness" coach, Ana del Castillo. Our above 20 minute conversation was filled with inspiring insights and practical strategies to help individuals navigate this often tumultuous period in their life.

Coach Ana del Castillo specializes in helping individuals, particularly women, become more grounded in their authenticity. She defines "rightness" as nurturing a state of mind where one achieves an internal balance–embracing a soft belly and a strong spine, allowing for vulnerability, yet maintaining strength in self-expression. Ana's coaching approach aids individuals in quieting the noise in their minds and relieving the incessant self-doubt and judgment that many of us fall victim to, especially during distressing times like divorce.

Here are a few of the central points raised during our discussion:

Building Resilience During Tough Times

Fostering resilience during difficult periods is critical. Rather than focusing solely on maintaining a tough exterior, acknowledging and embracing our emotions–accepting the sadness, the hurt, the anger without judgment. This process includes giving ourselves permission to feel and celebrate even the smallest of victories each day.

Actions That Promote Healing

Ana suggested different methods to channel your emotions during challenging times. Activities could range from visiting rage rooms, twisting a hand towel when feeling angry or engaging in free dance–where the idea is to let your body express your feelings freely, without judgment.

For more strategies on how to cope with divorce, a detailed dive into the importance of self-care and creative expression can be found in other posts on our blog section, such as "The Emotional Side Of Divorce: Learning To Surrender During Hard Times".

Taking Control of Your Narrative After Divorce

Post-divorce, there's an opportunity to cultivate a new, authentic narrative for your life, based on your priorities and values. Start by indulging in activities that ignite your passion and bring you joy. Make these activities a habit and watch how they positively impact different areas of your life–contributing to a sense of empowerment and grounding.

Building and Asserting Boundaries After Divorce

While re-establishing one's identity post-divorce, it's essential to build and assert boundaries. A significant first step towards doing this is learning to say 'no' when needed.

As you navigate the ups and downs of divorce, it's essential to remember that every challenge provides a unique opportunity for growth. Harnessing advice and support from experts, as well as utilizing the resources available on The Divorce Planner blog, can support your journey towards healing and help you transition into a new chapter filled with resilience, authenticity, and renewed empowerment.

You'll find more our interviews with divorce professionals HERE. Some of the top, divorce, attorneys, mediators, financial planners, CDRE's, therapists, and coaches, have recorded these mini master classes on how to address every aspect of your divorce journey.

Divorce is hard. The Divorce Planner makes preparing for one easy.


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