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Navigating Divorce & Grief With Relationship Coach Kim Polinder

There are so many BIG feelings that come up when you're navigating a divorce, but shame and grief can catch you off guard and feel paralyzing.

If you're going through a split and dealing with feelings of grief and shame it can weigh heavily on you and make you feel like you're carrying around a 20 ton weight at all times.

Alex Beattie (AKA The Divorce Planner) had an insightful 20 minute conversation with relationship coach Kim Polinder is a must watch (or listen!).

Kim Polinder is a relationship coach superstar, and was recently featured on NBC's The Today Show where she talked all about the Four Predictors Of Divorce.

When you're coming out of a long-term relationship, especially one where you've been feeling like you're to blame for it's problems or demise, Kim says:

"A lot of times people who end up going through a separation or divorce feel like a deer in headlights and think - What just happened?!."

Kim shared so many great tips and tools including:

  • How working with a relationship coach to wind down a marriage can be helpful

  • Common mistakes people make when they're splitting up

  • How to deal with feelings of shame (societal and self inflicted) during divorce

  • The grieving process that accompanies the end of a long-term relationship

  • And more!

Watch or listen to the entire conversation with Kim HERE.

Acknowledging all the feels you're feeling during a separation or divorce puts you ahead of the game so that you can begin the healing process in order to move forward and create the best next chapter of your life.

Don't forget to carve out time for self-care during divorce. Those opportunities to recharge your spirit to help energize and keep you going during this challenging life transition.

Gratitude is one of the best ways to cultivate healing. Check out The Divorce Planner's Gratitude Journal. The beautifully designed download can be printed out or used on a tablet or computer. It makes checking in with yourself every day a priority, and helps you build resilience during a challenging time.


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