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Grown Girl Divorce CEO Kimberly A. Cook Esq. | Empowering & Educating Black Women During Divorce

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic conversation I had with Chicago-based divorce attorney and mediator Kimberly A. Cook!

In addition to being a divorcé professional, Kimberly is also the founder and CEO of Grown Girl Divorce. Her mission is to educate and empower black women during divorce.

When her highly accomplished friends started going through their own divorces, she realized there was a need to create resources that not only illuminated various aspects of the divorce process, but also gave women hope for what their life could be on the other side of divorce.

Kimberly shared so much valuable information, including:

• The difference between divorcing through attorneys versus divorce mediation

• What inspired her to create a platform to educate and empower black women during divorce

• Why hearing first person stories from other women who have gone through divorce is so important

• And more!


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