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Financial Empowerment Workshop: Navigating Your Divorce Journey with Confidence and Resilience

Divorce prep coach Alex Beattie and certified money coach and educator Eboney Byrne are hosting the Tame Your Money Fears: Divorce Prep And Financial Planning Workshop Sat Novemver 11, 2023
Unlock your financial freedom at the 'Tame Your Money Fears' workshop – your stepping stone to a brighter future beyond divorce.

Attention ladies! The 'Tame Your Money Fears' virtual workshop for women is taking place on Saturday, November 11th, and you're invited!

This empowering and informative event is geared towards helping you gain confidence, financial knowledge, and clarity amidst a separation or divorce. This interactive workshop will equip you with the necessary tools to jump-start your journey towards financial independence during and after divorce.

It's The Divorce Planner's mission to make divorce planning accessible for everyone, and this workshop for women is no exception. This is an opportunity to conquer your financial fears and set yourself up for success during and after divorce. financial empowerment during divorce

Are you ready to turn "I don't know?" into "I've got this!"?

The "Tame Your Money Fears" Workshop

The workshop, hosted by seasoned experts, Certified Money Coach Eboney Byrne from Liberty Financial Services, and Divorce Prep Coach Alex Beattie from The Divorce Planner, promises an insightful and enlightening session bound to bring you the financial clarity and confidence you need.

We've designed this workshop to be a comprehensive, supportive, and empowering event focusing on providing you with the essential toolkit to navigate all financial aspects of a divorce (before, during and after!). By joining us, you get the answers to your most pressing divorce financial questions from professionals who've been where you are, and successfully guided countless women through the same journey.

Who's the Workshop For?financial empowerment during divorce

This hands-on workshop is for you if:

  • You're a woman who is contemplating or navigating a separation or divorce, and you're unsure about your next financial steps.

  • You want to understand and anticipate the financial changes divorce.

  • You're eager to take charge of your financial security, now and in the future, and want to learn practical strategies for doing so.

  • You're looking to rebuild your finances after your split.

What Can You Expect?

Financial education and early action is the key to successfully creating a secure financial future. Full stop!

This 60-minute workshop will take you from feeling uncertain and overwhelmed to confidently saying, "I've got this!", by providing you with:

  • Expert-guided steps to prepare for divorce, helping you gain crucial knowledge and confidence to face this life-changing transition.

  • Strategies to rebuild your future with a solid financial foundation by creating a personalized plan that aligns with your unique goals, independent of generic industry standards.

  • A guilt and shame-free environment promoting the removal of the fear of the unknown, empowering you to take charge of your financial destiny.

  • Reliable and actionable strategies backed by seasoned coaches with a proven track record of helping women thrive during and after divorce.

  • The clarity you need to confidently navigate and manage the financial aspects of divorce, paving the way for a brighter future.

  • The opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation in an interactive Q&A session.

The Bonus

Every enrollment comes with 14-day access to the recording of the event. This gives you the flexibility to digest the information at your own pace, or to watch at a later date if you can't make the live workshop!

When and Where?

This transformative workshop will take place via Zoom on November 11, 2023 at 11a PT, 1p CT, 2p EST.

What's Next?

There's no time like the present, so sign up ASAP. Your journey to financial fearlessness during divorce is just a click away. REGISTER HERE.

Join Alex and Eboney at the"Tame Your Money Fears" workshop, and together we'll help you regain control of your financial future. The journey might look challenging, but remember, the future is yours to shape, and we're here to help you do it in the most empowering way possible.

With the The Divorce Planner's resources, you're not just planning for your divorce but also shaping a resilient, brighter, and financially secure future post-divorce.

Your best next chapter awaits, so let's get started!


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